The multiresidential system of the inhabitants of the Barcelona metropolitan area. The migratory trajectories as explanatory factor

Ajenjo Marc
Joan Alberich, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The objective of the study is to analyze if relation between the birthplace and the place of the second residence exists. In this investigation two related questions among them consider intimately: a) Does exist some type of relation between the place of the second residence of the home and the birthplace of some of its members exists?, and b) Does obey the location of the secondary house to another type of biographical characteristics of the individuals -age, sex, relation with the activity...? The scope of analysis is the inhabitants of the city of Barcelona and their metropolitan area (35 municipalities, 3 million inhabitants). The data come from the Spanish Census of 2001 population, that it contains for the first time information on the multiresidence.

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