International migration and Russia

Andrey Kamenskiy

Russian federation is now involved in international migration flows as a number of 2 country. Mainly Russia is an importing labour country. Immigration move is mostly from former the USSR countries and declared reasons are ethnic conflicts (more than 50%) and also for family reasons, and small portions for employment, education, repatriation. Analyzing immigration targets for foreign citizens crossing RF borders the main part of immigrants are stated it as «private» more than 50% of about 3 million persons. Then there are also such targets as «tourism», «service» (including employment) and «for permanent residence» (a tiny portion). An interested phenomena in we have analyzing all the international migrants by citizenship. A share of persons having double citizenship is growing till 15% in recent years. Especially this group is large in age cohorts 25-26 and also 65 and more. About 69% of all the immigrants are of age 15-60 i.e. in labour active age.

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