Demographic and migratory dynamics of two habitats: private housing estates and housing projects in Brussels periurban area

Jean-Pierre Hermia, Université catholique de Louvain
Thierry Eggerickx, Université Catholique de Louvain

In Belgium, periurban areas of agglomerations are often considered as homogeneous. The objective of this presentation is to offer a different vision, by leaning over the demographic dynamics of two Brussels periurban area habitats : private housing estates, urbanistic and societal symbol of this new stage in the extension of cities; and housing projects, whose objective is to give housing to low-income population. We wish to answer two major questionings: what are the socio-demographic characteristics of the populations of these two habitats? Where do the migrants come from, and where do they emigrate to and who are there? The originality of this study stands in coupling, at individual level, two types of information : 1991 and 2001 censuses, and National Register. Every inhabitant of both habitats will therefore be characterized by demographic information and by his socioeconomic situation, as well as the migrants towards and from these types of habitat.

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Presented in Session 62: Population processes in urban areas