Modern pattern of migration from Uzbekistan to the European countries

Lyudmila Maksakova, Center for Effective Economic Policy, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is net labour exporter. Uzbekistan’s population is 26 million, which accounts for 59.3% of the entire Central Asia’s population. The country’s labour force represents more half of the total population and 50% of it in age group 16-29 years. The Uzbek labour market grapples with persistent problems of youth unemployment, lack of jobs, and low salary rate. These problems become the main push factors of labour migration. At a stage of transition economy the population of Uzbekistan is actively involved in migratory processes. There are 2 basic streams 1-emigration for temporary residence and 2 – permanent, seasonal migrants. The basic part of them occurs within CIS, mainly to Russia. However in these two streams the considerable part of migration on the European countries. The main migration trend is migration of ethnic population from Uzbekistan on the historical native land, therefore external migration streams have mainly ethnic character.

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