Suicidal mortality in Russia and Ukraine

Diana L Jdanova, Independent Consultant
Nataliya M Levchuk, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine have same historic roots and similar cultural traditions. They were included in USSR as it’s republics up to 1991. The similar dynamics of total mortality is traced as during the time of USSR, as well after its decomposition. The mortality from suicide in both countries has gender differences. Women’s mortality rates from suicide have insignificant fluctuations and similar figures. Men have significant differences. After the getting of independence, the displacement of risk group to younger age is observed. The risk group at age 15-19 was fixed for females in Russia in mid-1980s, and in Ukraine it was displaced thereto after the collapse of USSR. Cause of social and political character influence on mortality from suicides indirectly, through change of social conditions. And suicidal activity has a quicker response on these changes. Therefore we observe the significant difference in suicidal mortality after the collapse of the USSR.

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