Impact of nutrition in mortality, the case of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Héléna Rajabaly, Université Catholique de Louvain

The last DHS survey shows that Madagascar is one of the countries in Africa with the most important level of malnutrition. In this context of economic crisis not only children but also adults have a bad nutritional statue. This article focus on the impact of nutritional problems on health and mortality in a Thanks to data issued from death registration, we are able to reconstitute the death structure of the entire population of the capital from 1976 to 2004. Data will then be matched at a district level with socioeconomic characteristics in order to study the impact of place of residence in nutritional mortality. Morbidity will then be taken into account though the evolution of children malnutrition from DHS survey. First analysis shows degradation in the level since 1992. These different results reveal that even in urban places the socioeconomic level is so bad that the entire population is concerned by malnutrition.

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Presented in Session 54: Socio-economic status differences in health and mortality