Abortion problem in Serbia

Mirjana Rasevic, Demographic Research Centre, Belgrade

Estimated number of abortions in Serbia observed both absolutely (about 200.000 abortions per a year) and relatively (82.1 abortions per 1.000 women in the 15-49 age) shows that a significant number of women mostly, and a certain number of women exclusively, relies on this method of birth control. This fact poses a number of questions, among which the most important one is why are women in Serbia not relying on modern contraception? Research findings discovered a complex array of factors of abortion problem, including insufficient knowledge of contraception and abortion, a belief that modern contraceptive methods are harmful to health, and a number of psychological barriers, also those arising from relationships with partners. Also, there are few organized efforts to promote sex education, as well as limitations in the family planning programme. Apparently, the problem of induced abortion in Serbia is complex, serious and asks for solution.

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Presented in Session 24: Reproductive health and abortion