Population pressure on development and environment in India

Dayanand G Satihal, Indian Institute of Health Management (IIHMR)
LD Vaikunthe, Indian Institute of Health Management (IIHMR)

India with rapid population growth, industrialization and urbanization facing environmental challenges due to depleting resources, ecological imbalances and increasing the pollution levels. The linkages between such degradation and population growth depend on the distribution of population across regions and are intern affected by density of population. This paper analyses the impact of population growth on environment and the associated health problems in India at national and regional levels during the last 50 years, using secondary data. Since the impact of population pressure on natural resource conditions may very across different regions, depending on the nature of local markets, institutions, and other factors, this paper will provide a strong empirical basis for formulating effective policies in reducing environmental pollution, which has become a major concern across the globe recently. The paper concludes by suggesting special efforts to bring about a balance in the population-resource-environment through strong political and social commitment.

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Presented in Poster Session 1