Portrait of ageing of population in Georgia

Nato Pitskhelauri, Tbilisi State University
Nino Chikhladze, Tbilisi State University
Tamar Shinjiashvili, Tbilisi State University

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Georgia again restored political independence. Though, change of the existing state governance, civil wars and break of traditional economic and commercial relations had catastrophic consequences for the economy of the country. Economically Georgia is a developing country, demographically it is attributed to the developed countries We have studied as totally in Georgia and particularly in each region of Georgia characteristics of ‘’demographical conversion’’, revealed main statistical trends of population’s ageing, analyzed mortality, morbidity reasons of population over 60 years old and prospective life duration and healthiness general aspects, computed until 2050 year population’s ‘’economical commitment’’ and other features of ageing showings.

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