Age at menopause and menopausal transition: perspectives of Indian rural women

Hussain Khan C. G., Karnatak University, Dharwad
Jyoti S Hallad, JSS Institute of Economic Research, Dharwad, India

An attempt is made here to understand the determinants of age at menopause, menopausal symptoms, after effects of menopause and perceptions of women towards menopause by using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Median age at menopause is 42 years and Life table median is 45.2 years. The logistic regression analysis is done to know the differentials in this regard. Menstrual changes are considered as the main indicator of onset of menopause. Women experienced irregular periods, mostly at larger interval with heavy bleeding. Around 27 percent of the women in perimenopause and less than 5 percent of postmenopausal women reported hot flashes and night sweats. Experiences of headaches, memory loss, irritable and anxious nature and weight gain are reported by most of the perimenopausal women. Postmenopausal women were overweight and suffering from many health problems compared to other groups. Women felt it is better to reach menopause late as early menopause leads to some health problems.

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