Influence of household environmental factors on child survival in tribal population in India

C.P. Prakasam, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Household environmental factors such as better cooking facilities, availability of water at home, sanitation facilities may lead to better health conditions athousehold.Study aims at finding out the influence of household environmental factors influencing child survival. Data were derived from National Family Health Survey-2, of Chattisgarh state, India consisting more than 80 percent of tribal population. Index has been calculated by for availability of Electricity, Source of drinking water, time to get drinking water, main type of fuel used for cooking at household and identified as Environmental Index (ENF Index), and Sanitation index (SAN) has been calculated. The ratio of children ever born to children surviving by women has been considered as dependent variable. By using Logit regression analysis for caste category the influence of ENF index ,SAN on Child survival has been measured. Results shows environmental factor, work status of women and husband literacy had influence on child survival .

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Presented in Session 64: Developmental thinking about families