Male involvement in contraceptive use in Turkey

Elif Yiğit, Hacettepe University

Until recently, fertility and family planning research has generally relied on data collected from women questionnaires. In today’s world male involvement in contraceptive use gains attention, however, little is known about males’ knowledge of, attitudes toward and practice of contraception. This study will focus on the husbands’ method use by analyzing the husband questionnaire. This study will analyze the 1998 Turkey Demographic and Health Survey. The survey has a nationally representative sample, including 8059 husbands with 8576 women and with 1971 husbands as respondents. The husband questionnaire collected data on husbands’ background characteristics, fertility, marriage, contraception knowledge and use, and fertility preferences. Determinants of male method use will be analyzed using multivariate analysis. There will be a trend analysis on male method use between 1998-2003 period by incorporating the latest survey 2003 Turkey Demographic and Health Survey.

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