Conceptualisation of international migration flows

Gustav Lebhart, Statistics Austria
Stephan Marik-Lebeck, Statistics Austria

There are significant discrepancies in the migration statistics gathered by countries of origin and countries of destination by the same migration flow. A common approach on the measurement of stocks and flows is still missing. The present statistical recording of international migration flows based on the recommended 12 months concept by the UN does not fulfil requirements concerning regulations and measures of international migration. The presentation will focus on the conceptual and measurement processes and issues relating to international migration statistics in Austria and its comparison with international standards. In the new population register of Statistics Austria, people are classed as migrants if they have or had a usual place of residence in Austria for a duration of at least 90 days. The migration statistics for Austria show that in applying the 90 day rule, about 90 per cent of the long-term migration impact can already be evaluated.

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Presented in Session 25: Data collection and measurement of international migration