Health, maternal mortality and morbidity: mother to child survival at higher risk for young women and teenage mothers

Onyinye belinda Ndubuisi, Development Partnership International, Nigeria
Comfort Ikechi Uzoho, Development Partnership International, Nigeria

This would therefore explore “how” mother to child survival is at risk for young mothers. MDGs 4 and 5 have the greatest effect on young mothers. 15,000,000 girls ages 15-19 give birth, yearly .Young women are often not ready in any aspect of deliver .Both adolescent pregnancy and short spacing increase the risk of maternal mortality, 75% of maternal deaths are linked to bleeding, sepsis, unsafe abortions etc, others are caused by circumstances connected to Malaria, anemia, and AIDs. Chances of survival increase when the mother has more education not only because is older but physically more capable of having children, but because she has learned more about hygiene, nutrition and can read and understand the materials that accompanies any medicine she receives .Early Marriage, Adolescents pregnancy can severely threaten child survival, infants born to teenage mothers, are 80% more likely to die within the first year than mothers age 20-29.

Presented in Poster Session 1