Preference Theory - The case of the Czech Republic

Ladislav Rabusic, Masaryk University, Brno
Beatrice-Elena Chromková Manea, Masaryk University, Brno

In our paper we shall test Hakim’s Preference Theory in Czech milieu. Belonging to authors who in analyses of fertility stress the cultural factors, we find Hakim’s ideas on how women make choice between work in the labour market and work in the household relevant for the explanation of Czech fertility. Her theory emphasizes personal values and decision making at the micro-level. In our paper, we shall pursue two aims: 1. By replicating Hakim's research on Czech national representative sample, we will test whether her classification of women's preferences related to the link between employment and lifestyles in the 21st century, and reproductive strategies based on them are valid also in Czech social and economic context. 2. We will try to elaborate preference theory by adding types of reproductive strategies of Czech men – we will show who from the couple is the actual element determining the number of children.

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Presented in Session 44: Fertility intentions and preferences