Population Challenges in Ageing Societies

This website hosts the scientific program for EPC 2006, "Population Challenges in Ageing Societies", which was held in Liverpool, UK, 21-24 June 2006. The conference was organised by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) in collaboration with the Department of Geography, University of Liverpool.

EPC 2006 is a general scientific conference on population issues that are relevant to Europe. The conference was open to people who are interested or engaged in population issues, either from a scientific, policy, business or a more general point of view. The main aim was to provide insights into European trends, patterns and contexts of population dynamics, but global issues were also addressed. In 2006, special attention was given to Population Challenges in Ageing Societies.


The scientific program of EPC 2006 contains one Plenary Session on Population Challenges in Ageing Societies, with Dr. Ian Diamond (Economic and Social Research Council, UK) as Keynote speaker. Sets of simultaneous sessions, including poster sessions, make up the core of the conference. Also Panel discussions and Round tables took place. The working language of EPC 2006 was English. Simultaneous sessions are structured around 12 general topics.


EAPS Council and
International Organising Committee:

Janina Józwiak, President
Nico van Nimwegen, Vice President
Francesco Billari, Secretary-General and Treasurer
François Héran, Member
Kathleen Kiernan, Member
Guillaume Wunsch, EAPS Honorary President

National Organising Committee:

Bill Gould (Liverpool University)
Emily Grundy (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Steve Smallwood (Office for National Statistics)
Clare Holdsworth (Liverpool University)
Mike Murphy (British Society for Population Studies)
Philip Rees (Economic and Social Research Council)
Paul Williamson (Liverpool University)
Bob Woods (Liverpool University)