Saturday, June 24 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM   •   Room 9

Session 68:
Internal migration (1)

Chair: Martin Bell, University of Queensland

  1. The long-term absent residents in Catalonia. Who are they? What are their common characteristics?Marc Ajenjo, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ; Albert Sabater, University of Manchester

  2. Migration between English city regions: are the highly skilled no longer leaving old industrial cities?Mike Coombes, University of Newcastle upon Tyne ; Anthony G. Champion, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  3. Internal migration and educational attainment in Italy. An analysis of the 2001 Population CensusAngela Ferruzza, Instituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT) ; Frank Heins, IRPPS.CNR, Rome ; Mariangela Verrascina, Instituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT)

  4. The changes of migration structures of the Finnish regions in the 1990s and the municipality of residence actMatti Saari, Statistics Finland

  5. The measurement of international and internal migration in the 2010 global round of population censuses: twelve key recommendations on questions, concepts and proceduresWilliam L J Xu-Doeve

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